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Saturday, December 12, 2009
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LOS ANGELES, CA, DECEMBER 12th 2009 - Wow Rock and Visualday Present: Art Cube South American Tour 2010

Japanese Theatrical Gothic Rock sensation, Art Cube, will be making their debut South American Tour in March 2010.

Art Cube

The tour will span across five (5) major South American cities:

03/05: Buenos Aires, Argentina
03/07: Porto Alegre, Brazil
03/10: Santiago, Chile
03/12: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
03/14: São Paulo, Brazil

Art Cube is a Theatrical Gothic Rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed from experienced members of Brain Hacker and of various veteran rock bands. The band is comprised of vocalist Z [ゼタ] (Seth of Moi dix Mois, SEIJI of ex-Brain Hacker, SEIJI of ex-AMADEUS, and M.J.Seiji of ex-AFTER IMAGE), guitarist Y [ユウ] (Yossy of ex-Brain Hacker), bassist N [エネ] (NoBu of ex-Brain Hacker, ex-ANTIQUE DOLL, and ex-LIGHT CIDER), pianist M [エンメ] (Kazune of ex-MALICE MIZER support, ex-Brain Hacker, and ex-MAY BREEZE), and drummer S [エッセ] (SHIZUKI of PLASMAJET, THE PIASS, and ∀NTI FEMINISM).

The group was initiated on February 2007 after the disbandment of Brain Hacker. December 12th 2007 marked their first performance at the world famous Meguro Rockmaykan [目黒鹿鳴館] live house located in Meguro, Tokyo. Then, on January 30th 2008 they released a track on the Sequence RecordsSUMMIT 04” Omnibus CD titled “You're here...” In July 23rd 2008, they released their first single, “suna no hana” and immediately sold out of first press copies. Since then, Art Cube continues to gain support and recognition from audiences worldwide.

South America, prepare to get ROCKED by one of the best shows from Japan!


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BONUS: Enter to win a copy of Luxurious cube [USA Limited Edition]! (You've made it this far!? Good for you!)

To celebrate Art Cube's debut South American Tour and the release of Art Cube's USA Limited Edition Complete Best Album, we are giving away five (5) CDs to five (5) lucky fans! To enter, simply join our Facebook page at

Then on December 21st 2009, we will randomly select five (5) lucky winners from our fans list. Winners will be required to have shipping address ready and respond in a timely manner. Limit one (1) CD per person per household. Void where prohibited by law.

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